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In 2013 old friends came together in Lafayette, LA to form a stoner rock project that would go on to be one of the dominant forces in the genre. Defined by their manic studio output and love of touring, Forming The Void may be young, but they are already scene veterans. After years of lineup changes these road warriors have finally found a stable group of musicians with a passion for incredibly heavy riffs, and the vision to succeed no matter the odds. Having already performed at SXSW, Stoner Jam and End Hip, End It, Forming The Void are the definition of a hungry young rock band pounding the pavement on the hard road to success.

Sprouting from a mere bedroom demo recorded in late 2012, by 2014 Forming The Void not only had a full lineup but released their self titled debut EP. By 2018 they had unleashed another two full lengths with the most recent one coming out on Argonauta, Black Bow and Lonestar, as well as a split with Pyreship. Their next album, Rift,  is set for am August release on Kozmic Artifactz. It represents a massive step forward for these young visionaries and it will be their first full length with drummer Thomas Colley, formerly of White Light Cemetery. Colley brought an exciting new element to the band and allowed them a certain breadth that they have never previously attained.

Now with upcoming performances scheduled at a variety of tastemaker events, including Psycho Las Vegas, Descendants of Crom and Denver Electric Funeral among countless others, these sludge freaks seem ready to embrace a new chapter. Over the top, thrilling, and chock to the brim with interesting ideas, there is no slowing down Forming The Void’s relentless march towards the next triumphant level. August is fast approaching, but with everything the band has done it looks like we can’t help but to fall in love with their DIY attitude, killer tunes, and appetite for destruction.


James Marshall


Luke Baker


Shadi Khansa

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Thomas Colley


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